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Stormie's Sacred Circle

Posted on September 23 2016

My Sacred Circles
You will never know where you will find a sacred circle.
In mother nature of course, a golden pond with a frog waiting to be a Prince Charming. 
Grandmother Moon moving across the night, to give light to seeds of life. A sunflower to share with a friend.
It's a sacred circle, man made barbed wire, hubcap from the highway with the emblem of a Eagle. A bear hand carved from turquoise, glass drawn as a cane to make into beads called, Chevron.
Sacred circle is about timing, when you need to know the circle of life. Mother Earth provides for us all. - Stormie Art

Goddess Stormie makes handwoven bracelets, and anything that inspires her.
Everyday I try to make art out of life, weaving memories into beaded stories.
Moving energy turns rays of light into cosmic infinity,

One bead at a time. 


turquoise bear necklacechevron trade beadFullmoon frog, ring, animal, fish ring




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