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Posted on October 19 2016

 I am tuning within  I hear the heartbeats  no other than yours  reflecting eyes mystery patterns  hold the key  to awaken the mind of a artist.


Original handpainted watercolor gift box.

If you follow Stormie blog news, new baubles, new stories with beads of art.

Opening unknown time shifts, new beginnings in poems, art, photos, animals, nature, what inspires .... Stormie 

The little things in my small part of the world

stepping out of my comfort zone

letting in

what is out 

what is in

letting go

time is ours, to change. 

Blessings, - Stormie Art 

Special gift sets available, upon request.

Tell your story in a poem, storytelling with beads on wearable art, custom piece(s) available or with a purchase over $100.00 

Included in gift set handpainted gift box, magical stone, sage, card and more options available.

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