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  • Love Reflects Love Earrings

    Posted on January 02 2015

    Love Reflects Love Earrings! Perfect for the Love in your life! Delicately beaded heart mirror earrings.

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  • Monumental

    Posted on October 07 2014

    Falling in love...with nature is... Monumental... Inspired by the colors of the southwest and where I fell in the love, with the majestic beauty of the landscape. One of...

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  • Night Shift

    Posted on August 20 2014

    When I work the night shift I want the night to never end. The quietness of the night calms me inn the cold energy under the lights.  Intuitive Night Vision...

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  • Light Me Up!

    Posted on August 01 2014

    Working on my mind while mediating on a design expanding my consciousness. To be awaken by the light on my healing journey while working with my hands. It's magical to...

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  • All Things Combined in Nature

    Posted on April 03 2014

    When you combine color in your art work it doesn't matter what your doing from making glass art to drawing in black and white. Knowing colors start in Mother Nature....

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  • Staying in your Power

    Posted on March 30 2014

    Staying in your power has resonated through me for a long time.  I did not know what that meant for many years, I just knew I wanted to be in...

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  • President's Day Sale

    Posted on February 14 2014

      Featuring a Very Fine Sterling silver "Forget Me Not Bracelet" Comtempory Stormie Style with Leather and antique metal bead as a sliding closure.  This orginal bracelet Circa. 1940's. Very...

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  • Tonight I am a Pretty Moon Goddess

    Posted on February 11 2014

    Moon Goddess of the Night! Beautiful Moon tonight lift my spirits, Shining on me on my darkest hours, drawing love and protecting me!  Now available in my Father Sky Collection!...

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  • Ruby for your a Lover's Heart!

    Posted on February 10 2014

    Reconnecting the lover's flame of your soul! Ruby is for love, passion for life, stimulates the heart chakra, helps to follow your bliss! And the ruby, can help keep a...

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