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  • Witches Brew

    Posted on September 27 2017

    Casting Spells New pieces for the Change of Season   Top Labradorite Bracelet: create your desires Second Hematite: protection from negative vibes Third Pyrite:   The Magic Mirror. Available click above for...

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  • Keeper of Earth Medicine

    Posted on September 14 2017

    Good Will to the People  The black sheep stands for one who who has many dreams and many failures. Still the greatest that ever lived warrior of visions for his...

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  • Movie Star

    Posted on August 16 2017

    Movie Star wears Stormie Jewelry this day forward in moving pictures. A life time ago, remembered on the big screen.   Truely a legend and Superstar  Lauren Bacall Autographed photo...

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  • Peridot and August

    Posted on August 01 2017

    Green Gemstone for August Birthday! Let's celebrate summer this August with peridot jewelry! If you are lucky enough to have a birthday this month, know you are an attractive, brave...

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  • Handcrafted Beginnings

    Posted on September 01 2016

    Green is the color of new growth beginnings from Mother nature homemade one seed at a time handcrafted one bead at a time. - Stormie Art  An Eagle's View Bracelet Concho...

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  • Fly Free

    Posted on May 13 2016

    Empowerment can come from colors, Rainbows awaken are sense of color, Love the colors, that don't make you feel blue. Stormie Bracelets feel the energy of you. xo s

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  • Mom is love...

    Posted on April 27 2016

    Mom is love...her heart is open to your love.  

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  • It's all in the detail...

    Posted on April 24 2016

    Stormie a jewelry artist creates beautiful pieces of wearable art capturing details in the moment of time.  Hand-crafted fine jewelry design in moonstone gemstones making feminine moon energy come alive....

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  • Next Big Show in Arizona

    Posted on February 12 2016

    Stormie Art and Storyteller Crying Bear will be showing and selling their wares of hand beaded and handmade bracelets, necklaces, pouches, dreamcatchers at the beautiful We-Ko- Par Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona....

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  • Warrior of the light for Peace!

    Posted on August 22 2015

    Peace Feather for Strength and Endurance on your journey on this path of life!

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  • Solid as a Rock

    Posted on June 20 2015

    I feel like I am part of this crystal rock, solid as a rock, after all these years I can still can enjoy all my rocks I have collected on...

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  • On A Healing Journey!

    Posted on May 21 2015

    On a healing journey in nature, my spirit comes alive picking sage, giving thanks for positive energy from Mother Earth!  The sweet smell of sage and feeling the sticky velvety...

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    Posted on May 15 2015

    I am inspirited from a tiny seed you can grow beautiful! My new seeds of life collection made with beautiful gemstones, pink tourmaline, green emerald, iridescence labradorite, golden citrine, and...

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  • The Art of the Arrow

    Posted on May 14 2015

    Arrow the first weapon of warriors... has become a American Symbol for Strength and to Follow your Truth

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  • When you love to love yourself!

    Posted on January 24 2015

    When I learned to love myself, my heart opened to love! You're beautiful and one of a kind! enter code: Love  for 20% off this item only      ...

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  • Love Reflects Love Earrings

    Posted on January 02 2015

    Love Reflects Love Earrings! Perfect for the Love in your life! Delicately beaded heart mirror earrings.

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  • One Day At A Time!

    Posted on October 14 2014

    This is a good day for a feel good blogging challenge! #feelgoodblogging Inspired by none other than the beautiful talented Alex Beadon. Hello my name is Stormie Art I consider...

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  • Monumental

    Posted on October 07 2014

    Falling in love...with nature is... Monumental... Inspired by the colors of the southwest and where I fell in the love, with the majestic beauty of the landscape. One of...

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  • Night Shift

    Posted on August 20 2014

    When I work the night shift I want the night to never end. The quietness of the night calms me inn the cold energy under the lights.  Intuitive Night Vision...

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  • Light Me Up!

    Posted on August 01 2014

    Working on my mind while mediating on a design expanding my consciousness. To be awaken by the light on my healing journey while working with my hands. It's magical to...

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  • All Things Combined in Nature

    Posted on April 03 2014

    When you combine color in your art work it doesn't matter what your doing from making glass art to drawing in black and white. Knowing colors start in Mother Nature....

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  • President's Day Sale

    Posted on February 14 2014

      Featuring a Very Fine Sterling silver "Forget Me Not Bracelet" Comtempory Stormie Style with Leather and antique metal bead as a sliding closure.  This orginal bracelet Circa. 1940's. Very...

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  • Love on Cloud 9

    Posted on February 07 2014

    Welcome to Stormie Art Jewelry! Every bracelet is hand made and I give every piece of jewelry a blessing. Using semi-precious stones, glass beads, silver, mixed metals, and leather. I...

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  • Follow Your Truth

    Posted on February 05 2014

    Follow your Truth and Leave Your Mistakes Behind You   Sterling Silver Arrowhead Necklace with adjustable sliding bead as a closure. Available in decorated red or turquoise colored thread on...

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  • Breathe in Love Breathe Out Fear

    Posted on February 05 2014

    Breathe Out Fear>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<Breathe in LOVE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Breathe Love  Love Collection  

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  • Positive Energy

    Posted on February 04 2014

    Stay Positive and you will stay in the light! Stay positive and you will be a magnet to positive love! Magnet Bracelet in the Love Collection

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  • Don't Forget Me Not Rays of Light

    Posted on February 04 2014

    Love a far never forgets a love when near! Orb of Lights carry me through the day. I will never forget everyday with you! Love never forgets! Love Collection

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  • Wings of Love

    Posted on February 04 2014

    Wings of  Love from an Angel Above! Love Is Looking Out For You. Here are Your Wings Of Love!  From the Love Collection!  

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  • Everything I do for you!

    Posted on February 03 2014

    My love is your love... Over and Over Again........... Mesmerizing gems of kunzite ruby layered in with 24 kt. gold plated beads on cognac leather. The more you wear the bracelet...

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  • Just in time!

    Posted on February 01 2014

      Welcome to Stormie Art very excited I finally got this far! As a working artist and a Mom first, I am blessed to be able to create art.  I am...

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