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Honeysuckle Kiss

Posted on September 07 2017

Honeysuckle kiss

In the night

I felt your honeysuckle lips under the moonlight

when I feel your mind reflecting on my heart

then I remember to laugh in the dark

a spirits soars

feeling a Angel 

the wing of a man holds the world on his shoulder 

infinite soul leaps

a world I've know that would be our own

one day the Angel will protect and hold my light

from devoted affection from a lovers embrace

set us free

for the Honey.

- stormie 2017



Ruby Hummingbird Bracelet inspired by Animal Medicine

The hummingbird means: when you are in love, when love troubles you, 

when you want to find love. 

The hummingbird remains us we are Love!

Love and Gratitude, Stormie

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