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End Of The Year 2016

Posted on December 27 2016

It's the end of the year, but I feel like its already a new beginning of a new life.

Now or never to be who you really want to be. 

Join us on a magical journey of art, poems, feathers, dreams, beads,

and wearable organic bling.

Feeling the vibes in Stormie's world.

stormie's blog

Stormie's Refurbished Airstream with her natural cherry wood floor.

Is now a Trading Post stationed in Highland Park, California in NELA.

Available by appointment only.

Text: 1 (424) 522 - 9515 to make appointment or contact us.

stormie's blog

Goddess Jewelry natural large stones inspired Father Sky.

stormie's blog


stormie's blog

Happy New Year

Let love and light surround you.

blessings -

stormie art


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