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  • Honeysuckle Kiss

    Posted on September 07 2017

    Honeysuckle kiss In the night I felt your honeysuckle lips under the moonlight when I feel your mind reflecting on my heart then I remember to laugh in the dark a...

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  • New Pouches

    Posted on May 05 2017

    New pouches done the old way, the tradition continues beading by hand one bead at a time. Magical pouches hand sewn with spiritual meanings made with soft leather and are...

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  • Blue

    Posted on February 28 2017

    Aquamarine and agate gemstone cuff colors of the clouds intertwined with Father Sky bringing prosperous, dreams and aspirations to the light of a new day. If you like blue you...

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  • Sparkle

    Posted on January 05 2017

    Passion, red, movement, following your bliss and having no regrets. Stormie bracelets guilt free. Passionate bracelets are perfect gifts for everyone. kisses and sunshine, stormie    

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  • Dream Lover

    Posted on December 30 2016

    The Happiest time of my life is now. Enjoying the last days of 2016.  Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!   Sundial, sunbeams and sunlight breaks the night into day,...

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  • Deer

    Posted on October 25 2016

    Dear, Deer Adventure around the corner Deer medicine:  Playful fawn grows up in the forest following the seasons down the road we crossed paths where honeysuckle grows colored turquoise sky...

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  • New Dragonfly Dreamcatcher Art

    Posted on October 23 2016

    Willpower of grandmother moon goddess moves in the cosmic night dragonfly's dancing around crystal clear energy bringing a new day to the  Power of Light. Blessings, Stormie Art Storyteller Crying...

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  • Follow Stormie Art Newsletter

    Posted on October 19 2016

     I am tuning within  I hear the heartbeats  no other than yours  reflecting eyes mystery patterns  hold the key  to awaken the mind of a artist.   Original handpainted watercolor gift box. If...

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  • Times are Changing

    Posted on October 18 2016

    Life's changed time passed moments turn into night new passages  evolve into the unknown recreate your destiny. ______________________________________ I am here to inspire. with art, jewelry, poems, and blessings. ---Sunrise to...

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  • Gound Breaking

    Posted on October 08 2016

    New from the Mind Art Collection Breaking out of the darkness  holds time awaken in the moment of light  one more time - blessings, Stormie Art 

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