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  • Keeper of Earth Medicine

    Posted on September 14 2017

    Good Will to the People  The black sheep stands for one who who has many dreams and many failures. Still the greatest that ever lived warrior of visions for his...

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  • Peridot and August

    Posted on August 01 2017

    Green Gemstone for August Birthday! Let's celebrate summer this August with peridot jewelry! If you are lucky enough to have a birthday this month, know you are an attractive, brave...

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  • Love Reflects Love Earrings

    Posted on January 02 2015

    Love Reflects Love Earrings! Perfect for the Love in your life! Delicately beaded heart mirror earrings.

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  • One Day At A Time!

    Posted on October 14 2014

    This is a good day for a feel good blogging challenge! #feelgoodblogging Inspired by none other than the beautiful talented Alex Beadon. Hello my name is Stormie Art I consider...

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  • Monumental

    Posted on October 07 2014

    Falling in love...with nature is... Monumental... Inspired by the colors of the southwest and where I fell in the love, with the majestic beauty of the landscape. One of...

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  • Love that Matters

    Posted on August 31 2014

    Mind art collection It will blow you away, infringed, intermingled with best of ones only love of her love. His initials spell M.O.M So don't be prune when I get...

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  • Light Me Up!

    Posted on August 01 2014

    Working on my mind while mediating on a design expanding my consciousness. To be awaken by the light on my healing journey while working with my hands. It's magical to...

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  • Love is Gone and New Begins

    Posted on April 20 2014

    Working within they self, you never know where you begin and end. Being in your Awareness, Keeps you alive with spirit! In the light or alone the edges, where you...

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  • Happy Hunting Colors

    Posted on April 08 2014

    Easter is like thinking in another box Hide the eggs and find the eggs.  Like finding the perfect match of color of stones of beads.. Then I can tell a...

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  • All Things Combined in Nature

    Posted on April 03 2014

    When you combine color in your art work it doesn't matter what your doing from making glass art to drawing in black and white. Knowing colors start in Mother Nature....

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  • President's Day Sale

    Posted on February 14 2014

      Featuring a Very Fine Sterling silver "Forget Me Not Bracelet" Comtempory Stormie Style with Leather and antique metal bead as a sliding closure.  This orginal bracelet Circa. 1940's. Very...

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  • Tonight I am a Pretty Moon Goddess

    Posted on February 11 2014

    Moon Goddess of the Night! Beautiful Moon tonight lift my spirits, Shining on me on my darkest hours, drawing love and protecting me!  Now available in my Father Sky Collection!...

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  • Ruby for your a Lover's Heart!

    Posted on February 10 2014

    Reconnecting the lover's flame of your soul! Ruby is for love, passion for life, stimulates the heart chakra, helps to follow your bliss! And the ruby, can help keep a...

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  • Follow Your Truth

    Posted on February 05 2014

    Follow your Truth and Leave Your Mistakes Behind You   Sterling Silver Arrowhead Necklace with adjustable sliding bead as a closure. Available in decorated red or turquoise colored thread on...

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  • Breathe in Love Breathe Out Fear

    Posted on February 05 2014

    Breathe Out Fear>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<Breathe in LOVE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Breathe Love  Love Collection  

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  • Positive Energy

    Posted on February 04 2014

    Stay Positive and you will stay in the light! Stay positive and you will be a magnet to positive love! Magnet Bracelet in the Love Collection

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  • Don't Forget Me Not Rays of Light

    Posted on February 04 2014

    Love a far never forgets a love when near! Orb of Lights carry me through the day. I will never forget everyday with you! Love never forgets! Love Collection

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  • Everything I do for you!

    Posted on February 03 2014

    My love is your love... Over and Over Again........... Mesmerizing gems of kunzite ruby layered in with 24 kt. gold plated beads on cognac leather. The more you wear the bracelet...

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  • Just in time!

    Posted on February 01 2014

      Welcome to Stormie Art very excited I finally got this far! As a working artist and a Mom first, I am blessed to be able to create art.  I am...

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