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One Day At A Time!

Posted on October 14 2014

This is a good day for a feel good blogging challenge! #feelgoodblogging

Inspired by none other than the beautiful talented Alex Beadon.

Hello my name is Stormie Art I consider myself a mom, jewelry artist, painter, baker, raw food eater, juicer, and animal lover. I've been making handmade custom beadwork, as long as I could remember. I am so blessed to be able to do what I love to do passionately! Growing up on a farm in Colorado you learned to make everything by hand, this is where my teachings began at home. With my grandmother teaching me the traditions of our ancestors. I love being in my studio surrounded by my animals creating and being inspired by long hikes and by colors of nature. 

I started blogging out of necessity to help promote by jewelry business. I am really a full time introvert and it took me a lot to open up to the public. At the same time I really wanted to be a part of a community and interact with my customers.  As I started blogging it helped me to express myself better about the pieces I was creating and the significance behind each piece of jewelry. It was a story held in me that I created from my experiences of healing my wounds. Beading/art helps me speak my feeling other than words and brings healing energy to others who wear my jewelry. 

What I am really proud of right now is my web-site. I am a real hands on kind of person. I am definitely learning to run a business online. Which is challenging and humbling at the same time. Which doesn't kill me will make me stronger.

This is what I am proud of my strength to Never Give Up!

Who is my blog for: the people who ask me,

"how long does this piece of beaded jewelry, take to make"

and I always say!


One bead at a time this is where my journey begins...





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