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  • Stormie's Sacred Circle

    Posted on September 23 2016

    My Sacred CirclesYou will never know where you will find a sacred circle.In mother nature of course, a golden pond with a frog waiting to be a Prince Charming. Grandmother Moon...

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  • Handcrafted Beginnings

    Posted on September 01 2016

    Green is the color of new growth beginnings from Mother nature homemade one seed at a time handcrafted one bead at a time. - Stormie Art  An Eagle's View Bracelet Concho...

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  • Crystals, Moonstones and Metal Bracelets.

    Posted on August 23 2016

    Crystal, moonstones and mixed metal bracelets stacked high reflecting the Moonlight and feeling influenced by the full moon. Crystal will of desire, energy. Moonstone: moonchild energy, I am ruled by...

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  • Stars and Stripes

    Posted on August 18 2016

    Expand your mind and embrace possibilities to consider life from angles we could experience liberation like never before. You are beautiful radiate light from within.  

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  • Stormie Summer Style

    Posted on July 10 2016

    Summer is here and anklets are come in red. Universal meaning of the color red: We all are sacred listening to your intuition  is the ancient wisdom  of all the...

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  • Rainbow of Light

    Posted on June 24 2016

    When combining color in artwork, it doesn't matter what your doing. From making glass beads to drawing in black and white. Knowing colors starts in Mother Nature. Colors of the...

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  • Fly Free

    Posted on May 13 2016

    Empowerment can come from colors, Rainbows awaken are sense of color, Love the colors, that don't make you feel blue. Stormie Bracelets feel the energy of you. xo s

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  • When someone is a fan.

    Posted on May 09 2016

    When someone is a fan of your jewelry and your daughter is impressed when a stranger comes up to her and asked about "my line of jewels" and says to...

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  • Mom is love...

    Posted on April 27 2016

    Mom is love...her heart is open to your love.  

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  • It's all in the detail...

    Posted on April 24 2016

    Stormie a jewelry artist creates beautiful pieces of wearable art capturing details in the moment of time.  Hand-crafted fine jewelry design in moonstone gemstones making feminine moon energy come alive....

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  • How To...

    Posted on March 11 2016

    Be the best you can be? One simple word that has helped me is “awareness.”  When I’m not,  I usually have a hard time back tracking and saying what I...

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  • Next Big Show in Arizona

    Posted on February 12 2016

    Stormie Art and Storyteller Crying Bear will be showing and selling their wares of hand beaded and handmade bracelets, necklaces, pouches, dreamcatchers at the beautiful We-Ko- Par Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona....

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  • It's Fall!

    Posted on November 06 2015

    Between the love and care for my animals, and getting all my projects done in time. Which includes taking a break from my work to get regenerated again. So, I...

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  • Warrior of the light for Peace!

    Posted on August 22 2015

    Peace Feather for Strength and Endurance on your journey on this path of life!

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  • Solid as a Rock

    Posted on June 20 2015

    I feel like I am part of this crystal rock, solid as a rock, after all these years I can still can enjoy all my rocks I have collected on...

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  • Powerful Tourmaline

    Posted on June 18 2015

    Did you know Tourmaline protects against cell phones, electromagnetic smog, radiation, psychic attack, spells and ill-wishing, and negative energy of all kind. Black Tourmaline placed point-out from the body draws...

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  • On A Healing Journey!

    Posted on May 21 2015

    On a healing journey in nature, my spirit comes alive picking sage, giving thanks for positive energy from Mother Earth!  The sweet smell of sage and feeling the sticky velvety...

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  • Today was a Good Day!

    Posted on May 20 2015

    Counting my blessing and Grateful for all love is... Thank you for all the goodness in my life. When life gets hard I always know if I go in nature...

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    Posted on May 15 2015

    I am inspirited from a tiny seed you can grow beautiful! My new seeds of life collection made with beautiful gemstones, pink tourmaline, green emerald, iridescence labradorite, golden citrine, and...

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  • The Art of the Arrow

    Posted on May 14 2015

    Arrow the first weapon of warriors... has become a American Symbol for Strength and to Follow your Truth

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  • Pink is Love

    Posted on May 14 2015

    If you like pink you have a young heart! 20% off Flower of Life Bracelet enter code: LIFE  ends July 1, 2015    

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  • Selling Our Wares at Artist & Fleas Market

    Posted on May 13 2015

    Looking forward to meeting you! Come check out all our latest creations of jewelry, accessories and dreams catchers. Apache T-shirts on sale for $20 - $25.00 designed by Axl Art...

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  • Creative Energy Creates Creative Power

    Posted on May 12 2015

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  • Stormie Digital Art

    Posted on April 16 2015

    I am a artist at heart and one of my new creative works is doing digital drawings from my photographs. Which are done on my phone with many apps layering...

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  • Connected Deeply

    Posted on April 15 2015

    A Warm and vitalizing bracelet for giving positive energy and to uplift your spirit.   Happy Hump Day and Sending Positive Vibrations on this 2015 Tax Day! Amazingly, I did...

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    Posted on April 10 2015


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    Posted on April 09 2015


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  • Raising From The Ashes!

    Posted on April 08 2015

      Raising above and beyond the hardest challenges in life and even in the darkest of hours all things shall pass.  Always remember to go towards the light of the...

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  • These little pigs went to the market!

    Posted on April 02 2015

    I found these unique gemstones at a rock show and I couldn't wait to make this bracelet as soon as I got back to my studio.  These beautiful faceted jasper...

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  • I feel like I want to ride on that pony sometimes!

    Posted on April 01 2015

    Flower of life, Is to be a child again, like the innocence of a pony ride in your backyard. remember when you played for hours and time was endless. You...

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  • Trails of Traditional Man

    Posted on February 09 2015

    I was thinking of past lives and how they affect our spirit and our mind. Trails of a traditional Man necklace remind me of a captured time of strength of...

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  • Moon Dream Catcher

    Posted on February 09 2015

    Moon Dreamcatcher Dream catchers are a gift from Grandmother Spider. She gave us her web to protect us against all bad medicine while we sleep at night. All good and...

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  • When you love to love yourself!

    Posted on January 24 2015

    When I learned to love myself, my heart opened to love! You're beautiful and one of a kind! enter code: Love  for 20% off this item only      ...

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  • Holding Memory

    Posted on January 20 2015

    Holding a memory of the one you love, in this precious one of kind gold-filled locket.  A special Thank You discount for my followers! 20% off  enter code: locket  

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  • Joining Forces of New Relations

    Posted on January 09 2015

    Joining forces is in a sense old, is new beginnings for all relations! I Honor the Eagle as much as I honor a talented artist as my blood brother and long...

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  • Love Reflects Love Earrings

    Posted on January 02 2015

    Love Reflects Love Earrings! Perfect for the Love in your life! Delicately beaded heart mirror earrings.

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  • One Day At A Time!

    Posted on October 14 2014

    This is a good day for a feel good blogging challenge! #feelgoodblogging Inspired by none other than the beautiful talented Alex Beadon. Hello my name is Stormie Art I consider...

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  • Monumental

    Posted on October 07 2014

    Falling in love...with nature is... Monumental... Inspired by the colors of the southwest and where I fell in the love, with the majestic beauty of the landscape. One of...

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  • Intertwined

    Posted on September 30 2014

    Intertwined embracing the light,  twisted in your love. one of a kind cuff power bracelet  made in usa enter code: twisted  20% discount on all orders over $200. until October 31,...

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  • Parts that Matter!

    Posted on September 08 2014

    Parts that matter! Learning how to express myself is like learning not to express my self! Double take the mind out of your existence you can carry on with the...

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  • Love that Matters

    Posted on August 31 2014

    Mind art collection It will blow you away, infringed, intermingled with best of ones only love of her love. His initials spell M.O.M So don't be prune when I get...

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  • Night Shift

    Posted on August 20 2014

    When I work the night shift I want the night to never end. The quietness of the night calms me inn the cold energy under the lights.  Intuitive Night Vision...

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  • Light Me Up!

    Posted on August 01 2014

    Working on my mind while mediating on a design expanding my consciousness. To be awaken by the light on my healing journey while working with my hands. It's magical to...

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  • Love is Gone and New Begins

    Posted on April 20 2014

    Working within they self, you never know where you begin and end. Being in your Awareness, Keeps you alive with spirit! In the light or alone the edges, where you...

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  • Happy Hunting Colors

    Posted on April 08 2014

    Easter is like thinking in another box Hide the eggs and find the eggs.  Like finding the perfect match of color of stones of beads.. Then I can tell a...

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  • All Things Combined in Nature

    Posted on April 03 2014

    When you combine color in your art work it doesn't matter what your doing from making glass art to drawing in black and white. Knowing colors start in Mother Nature....

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  • Staying in your Power

    Posted on March 30 2014

    Staying in your power has resonated through me for a long time.  I did not know what that meant for many years, I just knew I wanted to be in...

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  • I am honored into receiving you inn!

    Posted on March 28 2014

    Words to live by when your about to be awaken by a Medicine Women Energy in Motion, creating art, loving to heal with art.  my healing is your healing... I...

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