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Imperial Yellow Opal Bracelet


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Imperial Yellow Opal Loom beaded Bracelet

The Yellow Imperial Opal stone represents amplification, a higher hope, and divine purity. These light dancing gemstones are here to boost those feelings of balance and peace and to help you to sift through your thoughts and feelings and throw out what doesn't work. The Opal is also about deeper spirituality.

Yellow Imperial Opal gemstone brings within it emotional stability and helps to reinforce positive thought patterns. Opal can encourage inventiveness and creativity. It is a great stone for removing blockages, especially self-imposed ones that limit personal growth. Yellow Opal is said to enhance psychic abilities.

Opal is the October Birthstone. 

Material: 4 mm, faceted Rondell beaded opal gemstone beads, black deerskin leather, metal brass bead.

Size: 6 - 9" inches in length, 0.5" in width, adjustable leather tie, and sliding bead closure.

Made in Stormie's studio in Los Angeles

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