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Turtle Medicine Pouch


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If you possess Turtle medicine, you will always reach your goals. You are well able to take care of others and you are extremely generous. Your connection with the earth is very important to you, and you would never use your strength to do anything that would harm Mother Earth, and the ecosystem. 

Turtle Medicine teaches us the qualities of Mother Earth how to care for ourselves and all those around us. Turtle stimulates our physical and spiritual senses, it can see, hear, and sense vibrations in the water through its shell. It can help us with clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.

Material: hand beaded leather bag with colored glass round seed beads, using traditional colors and sewn on soft durable white buckskin leather, old style button.

Size: Bag 7.75" length includes fringe, beaded part of bag 4.75 length, 3" width, braided leather length 27".

Made in USA

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