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Round Turquoise and Crumb Bead Necklace


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Constructed with recycled vintage green turquoise, this 18-inch necklace showcases a blend of orange, yellow, and black crumb beads, along with small 5mm round turquoise beads. Additionally, the necklace is adorned with black glass beads, giving it an unparalleled aesthetic. The 1x0.50-inch turquoise teardrop adds a distinctive touch.

About the Crumb Beads: Chinese Glass dates back to the Xi Zhou Dynasty (1046-771BC).  During the late Qing, or Manchu period (1644-1912AD), the Canton (Guang Zhou) glass center made complicated beads. Brightly colored Chinese glass was often used to imitate semiprecious stone. The glass workshop of the imperial court produced beads for the royal household members and export. Peking glass beads were hand-made one by one from natural materials and precious metals.  


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