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Spider Pouch


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Spider 🕷 Medicine Pouch 🕸

Spinner meaning: Walk in balance with ease. 
Spider symbolism is bringing your attention to your creative energy. It is at a peak right now. Therefore, you should embrace your ideas and dreams and take action. Also, while doing this, you must take the time to find a balance between your past and your future. All these are subtle messages on which you need to focus and translate to the present. Primarily though, this arachnid is giving you the message that you weave your web in life and that your reality is yours to create. Spider meaning makes it clear that what you see before you is the result of your thoughts. In other words, this spirit animal teaches that if your current reality does not suit you, then it is time to make changes.

Length: to bottom of fringe 38 inches, pouch size 4 inches by 2.50 inches.

Handmade with Intentions 



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