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Rhinoceros Necklace


Product Details

This stunning Indian Rhinoceros Sterling Silver Necklace features a Turquoise Center Stone Dragon design on the back of the pendant.

Rhinoceros Spirit Animal: Those who are heavily influenced by the rhinoceros in spirit are known for their strength and resilience. They face challenges confidently and independently, valuing privacy and solitude in their pursuits. Though these individuals may be perceived as loners, they take great pleasure in their own company.

Silver Tibet-Rhinoceros on the front side Rhino head and turquoise pendant, back side dragon design.

Powerful Dragon design on the back side of the necklace 

Measuring 24 inches long, this necklace features a rhino that's 4 inches in width and 2.5 inches in height. Its beads are crafted from bone, turquoise, glass, lava, and Botswana agate.

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