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Owl Pouch

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Spirit of the great horn Owl Medicine Pouch 

Owl is the gift of Higher Knowledge and insight. 

The Owl is thought to be one of the several Animals blessed with the Medicine of Shape-shifting, that is the ability for them to change their form from that of the Owl to a human form, and back again.  With the Owl, in particular, this shape-shifting ability is closely linked with Lunar Magic since this beautiful creature is sister to the Moon.  In observing the phases of the Moon, we witness ever shifting and changing cycles that effect all within the domain of Luna, including the inhale and exhale of the Ocean`s waves.

Size: braided necklace length 24 inches, pouch size includes fringe 6.5 inches length by 2.5 inches width 

Handmade with owl 🦉wisdom 


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