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Obsidian Arrowhead Art Decor


light cognac

Product Details

Obsidian Arrow Leather Warrior Art Decor 

Properties Obsidian protective, repels negativity. Transforms negative environmental energies. Disperses unloving thoughts. Very direct stone that brings undesirable attributes to the surface for transmutation. Improves self - control. Aids in letting go of the pass and retains balance during times of change.

Earth's base chakra.

Carry or place in appropriate place

Material: hand-cut deerskin leather, handmade shiny opaque obsidian arrowhead 

Varies Sizes and Color: 32" - 42"

Beige 26 inches, light cognac 42 inches, blue 43 inches

green 33 inches, chocolate 35 inches. 

Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass, this arrowhead design is delicate piece's of decorative art.

Handmade in USA


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