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Crystal Spider Dreamcatcher

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Dreamcatcher Blessing: Moon Dreamcatcher was inspired by the story of the Grandmother Spider told to me, by my Grandmother in my younger years. The dark unique blue cut-glass beads represent Father Sky at night and the white beads represent the twinkling starlight.

In the middle is Grandmother Spider finishing her web sitting in the center is white Swarovski crystal bead which represents the Moon. Here she sits probably guarding those who sleep before her.
Material: Authentic Swarovski Elements, Vintage Swarovski Crystals, white, deerskin, buffalo bone, shedding swan, macaw and rooster feathers, silver cones, mixed glass cut beads.
size: 15" Hoop, full length 30".  
Handcrafted by: Storyteller Crying Bear
Made in USA, Venice, California

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