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Born of Earth Beaded Natural Stone Bracelet


Product Details

This Born of Earth Color Design Beaded Bracelet is constructed with Botswana agate gemstone beads, black leather, and silver bead to offer its wearer a connection to nature. Its creation induces a sense of calm and security, helping you stay safe amid your own strength.

These Stones Belong to the Quartz family of the banded Chalcedony variety, Botswana-Agate encourages inner peace and tranquility and helps put the past behind.

Known as a birthstone for the mid-fall months, this particular gemstone is associated with mental clarity, soothing properties, and protective qualities. Boasting intricate swirls and bands of varying colors, these 4mm round faceted stones make a striking addition to any ensemble.

Handcrafted in the studio in California, this adjustable bracelet measures 6.5-9 inches in length by 1-inch width.


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