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Journey Bracelet


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Peridot Bracelet Blessing: The journey has just bejun.

You already know 

where you are  

going in life.

The ultimate truth

is in touch within self and 

delight in nature of one's journey.

in balane and harmony.

blessings, Stormie Art

Peridot Mineralogy: magnesium iron island silicate. Peridot astrological sign of Virgo, Leo, Scorpio, & Sagittarius. Peridot emits a warm friendly energy.

Spiritually independent, releases negative patterns and vibrations.

Material: peridot gemstones, durable chocolate leather sewn on the back, handmade bone button bead.

Fits all Size: length 6" - 10'. width 1/2", adjustable sliding bead and leather tie closure.

Made in Stormie's studio in California, USA.

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