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Original Stormie Jewelry

Stormie Art Jewelry with a heartbeat! 

One bead at a time! A museum of Art I call it because, I put my heart and soul into every piece that I make with my hands.  Meditating with beads is a zen and a way to express what I am feeling and a way to be a conduit for others who need something meaning full in there life too.  Each piece carries a meaning and I bless myself while weaving the stories, Path of Life, Prayers have been answered, Path of Healing etc. With a needle and thread in my hand using the needle to pick up beads, gems, ruby, moonstones, labradorite, antique metal, sapphire, beads of all kind, sterling silver, gold filled, glass, vintage antique trade beads, then sewing them on to hand cut and oiled buckskin deer leather. You can wear a single bracelet a larger one or multiple small ones layered together. Custom orders available by request: inquire within. Most special orders take 3-4 weeks depends on your request. It may take longer if its a larger piece of jewelry.