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Botswana Agate Anklet


Product Details

Handmade beaded anklet made with natural hemp design and round Botswana Agate gemstone beads.

Botswana Agate is the zodiac stone for Gemini birth dates in the month of May or June.

Botswana agate is sometimes called the "change stone" because of its mystical property of helping one handle change in a positive way. It is said to gently help one make transitions of any kind in a way that change is not as difficult or painful as could be without it; it is a comforting stone. Wearing or carrying a bit of Botswana agate in your pocket is said to help one cope easily with the minor changes that life throws at us daily.

Size: 9" - 14" adjustable tie knot and bow. 

Also, can be worn as wrap bracelet, extra hemp tie can be cut for exact size.

Made in Stormie's Studio in Los Angeles, California.

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