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Stormie's bracelets are done by hand in her studio in California, USA.
Every piece is meticulously done one bead at a time, using the finest materials, and blessed with a special meaning or story.
Holding stories and meanings that will find you.
Sister Candy wearing Apatite Magic 

I’m Stormie, a renowned Native American Pueblo craftswoman, has 40+ years of experience designing and producing intricate beaded jewelry. She draws on symbols and colors to create stories with her designs, infusing each with a unique narrative or spiritual message. Her pieces blend instinctive design with natural inspiration, from faith-instilling caterpillars to moths representing transformation. From traditional to contemporary, her jewelry reflects an individual's personality, adding art and meaning to wearers' lives. Stormie's specialty is her loom-beaded bracelets, chokers, and belts, which she crafts with traditional methods and only the finest material, vintage rare glass, the first trade beads, natural gemstones, silver, gold, and antique mixed metal seed beads, and her signature hand-oiled leather ties.
"My jewelry is more than an accessory," says Stormie,
"It tells a story and one will be drawn to you".